Are my bags made from New or Old boots?

Both! I buy singles directly from manufacturers AND I have a truck that automatically stops at every thrift store and garage sale within 500 miles of my home in search of boot beauties! So there may be scuffs or spots from either the manufacturing process or from being previously loved/worn but we think it adds to the character of the finished bag. And no, I NEVER tear up a brand new pair of beauties, I only utilize singles.

What kind of sewing machine do I use?

I actually don't use a sewing machine. I hand-punch, hand-rivet and hand lace all my bags. I do cheat a little and use a bandsaw to cut off the feet and a hand press to set my rivets. 

Can I make a purse from your cowboy boots?

Yes! I love to making memorial bags and custom bags from your boots. Please see the Details and then email with your wishes and we'll get started on how to make them come true. 

Do I wholesale or light bulk?

I do! I offer a 35% discount on items priced less than $145 and 25% on items priced over $145 with a minimum 5 piece mix and match. Contact me to assist you in placing your order.

How do you care for your bag?

Honestly the more distressed they get the more character they have! However it is a good idea to dust your bag with a soft brush or cloth and use a leather cleaner/conditioner...Bickman's Bick 4 works well on most leathers except suede. 

Everyone wants to know where I get my boots?

That's top secret :) But I will tell you that 95% of the boots I use are new but not wearable/sell-able boots for one reason or another. I have saved the little beauties from landfills but I did not tear up wearable pairs of boots. 

Are they full boots to start with or just shafts?

Full boots that I cut the feet off of with my band saw. Gotta love power tools!

Do I take boot donations?

Yes! Please send your boots to Chris Thompson 2501 W. Wickenburg Way #155 Wickenburg, AZ 85390

What do I do with the left over foot part?

I have used them for a few little ideas but none have taken off. So, if you have a great idea let me know! Keep in mind it takes a hunting knife to remove the leather from the sole, difficult! AND there is a metal shank that runs in the arch of the sole. My saw can't cut through that. 

See my dilemma? ;o)

Do I do repairs?

Yes, but only on my bags. You pay for shipping and any material needed. Please contact me for info.

Do I offer Refunds/Exchanges?

I would be happy to exchange your purchase within 14 days of shipping. You would be responsible for all shipping charges. I do not refund purchases.