About The Artist

Hi, my name is Chris Thompson. I am a professional artist, boot wrangler and purse designer. I make several styles and sizes of artisan cowboy boot purses, all of which are my own designs and are made from reclaimed salesman and designer sample western boots and vintage belts. I sell them at fine art shows all over the western states.
cowboy boot purse designer chris thompson

I've been called the "Louis Vuitton of Cowboy Boot Purses" which makes me chuckle and fills my heart. There's plenty of ladies out there making purses out of old boots. I wanted to elevate that... because why would I settle for what everyone else is doing? And why should you settle for what everyone else is making? I mean c'mon the fact that you are shopping for hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind purses shows that YOU are one-of-a-kind so why not embrace all that it entails?!

​Hope you like my bags, better yet, I hope you buy one or two because you know you are WORTH it. Then I hope your girlfriends go crazy over them and have to have some of their own :)

So if you're looking for unique western bags, maybe a Santa Fe style or a Longhorn handbag?.. or a small cross-body bag with flirty fringe?... how bout a leather wine tote as a gift?... You've come to the right rodeo!