Custom Made Handbags, Purses and Totes from Your Boots

Yes, I can make you a beautiful bag from your old boots and turn them into a fabulous bag for you!

These make great gifts to grand-daughters from grandpa's boots.

Or if you have great boots that you can't wear anymore.

Or if you picked up a pair at a thrift store because they were just cool!

Let me make you a great bag to keep for yourself or give as a gift.

I can make just about anything two hands without a sewing machine can make and I love to transform boots "in the back of the closet" into wearable art. 

Just to give you an idea of how the process works... You provide the boots and any extras you want incorporated (Belts, Buckles, Conchos, etc) and let me know which kind of bag you want. The small cross-body hipster styles start at $129 and the shoulder bags start at $250 just to give you an idea of pricing. Yours could be higher or lower, depending on what you want. It all starts with a conversation! So please contact me to discuss different ideas. 

Here are just a few I have finished recently...

cowboy boot purses, custom made purses, custom made western handbags

These boots were rough but with a little love they came to life. I made the new strap look distressed to go with the vintage boot. (see customer's review below)

Custom cowboy boot bible tote
"Love, love, love this custom bible tote Chris made from my brother's boots! He passed away a couple of years ago and I wanted to do something special with them.) I have the best momento now!" Mary Comm


cowboy boot purses made from your boots, custom made handbags and purses

(heart shaped) Grandpa's boots, belts and buckles into a gorgeous shoulder bag.

custom made handbag, handbag made from cowboy boots, purse made from cowboy boots

A pair of handbags for sisters using their dad's boots, belts and buckles. They also did hipster cross-body bags and wine totes! Dad was a real cowboy!

<img src="" alt="custom made handbag, handbag made from cowboy boots, purse made from cowboy boots" />
A pair of wedding boots that no longer fit, turned into a show stopper bag.

custom made handbag, handbag made from cowboy boots, purse made from cowboy boots

This is a swing arm bag for a motorcycle because this lady rides in style.

custom western handbag, custom western backpack, cowboy boot purse

This was fun! Dad's boots into a Cross-Body Sling Backpack and a valet for grandson.

custom made handbag, cowboy boot purse, purse made from cowboy boots, custom made purse

She supplied the boots with the rivets and I added the rest of the rock-n-roll to this motorcycle swing arm bag and complimenting backpack.

cowboy boot purses custom made from boots, custom handbags

Even what you think might be a plain boot is a canvas for something beautiful. And if the shoe part still fits I can fashion them into mules for you!

cowboy boot purses made from your cowboy boots, custom made handbags and purses

Two different bags made for two different people (widow & daughter) from one pair of his boots.

cowboy boot purses, custom purses made from cowboy boots, custom western handbags

This mom had a box full of her kid's boots she had been saving for years. Each of her triplets got a change purse too.

richard petty custom made saddlebags, custom made handbags, cowboy boot purses

Richard Petty's 2018 Christmas present from one of his daughters who commissioned a custom travel bag.

Still reading? Ok, I'll give you a little more info! If you have an idea of what you want but don't have enough boots to do it with I have plenty to add into the mix. I can also add accents colors through the lacing, leather rosettes, conchos, etc. The weight of the small hipster bags are about 12-13 oz. The shoulder bags very with how much metal is used in the hoops (heart shaped bag vs bucket shaped bag) and if I use a wood or leather bottom. Ideally, the lightest weight bag would be bucket shaped with leather bottom (see the first pic, waayyy up at the top!) I can  use recycled leather belts if you want an adjustable strap or I can hand-emboss a strap just for your bag.

My turn around time is days, not weeks and I take great care in your precious cargo! 

"I cannot say enough on how professional and caring Chris Thompson has been to work with.  My father passed away suddenly and left a huge hole in my heart.  I had the honor of inheriting his only pair of cowboy boots, which were over 37 years old and for the past few years were kept out in his workshop.  I wanted to make them into a bag that I could have with me at special events in my life.  The first few people I contacted told me due to the poor condition of the boots they could not work with them.  I then found Chris!  I sent her pictures of the boots and she told me, “I haven’t met a pair of boots I wasn’t able to work with yet.”  Boy, she was right!!!   She made a beautiful bucket bag out of my dad’s boots!  My bag is perfect and exceeded my expectations!  I could not be happier!  Every time I use my bag, I will not only think of my dad but also of Chris, a very talented, caring person who was willing to help me remember my dad in this very special way."   Dina, Nebraska